PO Crazylens



Hydro Teresa Strong (Preorder)
Blue, Grey, Brown.
Size : 16mm.
Power: 100 – 800.
Duration: 3-6 Months.

Hydro Teresa Strong color lebih terang, ring hitam pun nampak lebih obvious, sesuai untuk make up yg lebih heavy, photo shooting, pernikahan, kenduri dan lain2.

S$20 Per Pair




📌Telegram Enquiry: http://t.me/reseller_sg
📌Follow IG: http://instagram.com/muslimahfashionsg
📌Website: https://a.scn.jp/pub/zf1czUY
📌Follow Page: http://facebook.com/azlionlinefashionista
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Preorder Pandora Shake
4 Tone Softlens. Bigger Eyes.
Diameter: 19.5mm
Degree: Normal & Degree
Colour Available:
*Vanila Shake Blue
*Vanila Shake Pink
*Vanila Shake Brown
*Vanila Shake Green
*Vanila Shake Grey
Duration: 1 Year but for hygiene best till 6 months usage

📌PO Close on 30th of Every Month
📌Estimate Reach here 2-3 Weeks (Exclude Weekend). Only Order if you can wait.
📌Quick Order before They Sold!
📌Stock Limited!
📌Fast Payment to Lock Order!
📌No Booking Till Transfer Paid!

1PAIR $36. AM Mail $2.90.
3PAIRS $105. Free AM Mail.
📌Want Discount, Join Telegram Member: http://t.me/member_sg
📌PO Close on 30th of Every Month.
👉ETA Here 2-3 Weeks (Exclude Weekend). Only Order If Can Wait.
👉Do Check Stock With Admin First Before Make a Transfer.

❌Sorry No FB Messenger Enquiry.
📲Press Facebook Page Link & Go To Message Box To Enquiry: http://facebook.com/crazylenssingapore
📲IG Text Message (Sale Enquiry): http://instagram.com/dropshipresellerwanted_sg
📲Whatsapp 2nd Admin (Sale Enquiry): http://salesg.wasap.my
📲Telegram 1st Admin (Sale Enquiry/Join Dropship Reseller): http://t.me/ms_azli

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💰Members Voucher Benefits:
Every $10 Spend, Get 1 Stamp.
1 Stamp worth 5 Cents.
Collect the Stamps and Offset Them on Your Next Purchase.
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