Throwback Memory when 1st Time Doing Online Business in 2016


Sharing my 1st try for Preorder Business 2016๐Ÿ‘‡

#throwback #memory #businesswithnocapital #preorderbusiness #youcandoit #ibelievedinmyselfsocanyou #doingbusinessisnotformyselfbutforfamilyhappiness

All those receipts, customers made payment for Preorder Products. From nothing (start business with no testimony of my own, no receipt proof payment) to something (now I have more then 100 Receipts of my own posb acct no as proof payment made by customers to me), all those rezeki are bฤบessed by allah, alhamdulillah Thank You Ya Allah! I made it till now.

In this Preorder Business, there are many up and down, I been there and know about it but you have to be stronger if you want Success! Nothing comes easy…

I start this business with $0 dollar. But Alhamdulillah… Rezeki tak saฤบah alamat. Only we need To believe in ourselves and work more harder to gain customer trustโ˜๏ธinsyaallah you can Do IT!

Don’t Give Up! When Things get Harder, think of Your Love Ones or Think of Your Family…..Your Spirit will be Higher Again as You want Plan The Best for Their Futures!

If I can do it…So can YOU!!



PS: Those interested to register as Dropship Reseller Agent can telegram me @ms_azli




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